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Opps Paint, DONT be afraid to mix it up and give it a name!

Good day!  Happy you could visit, How many times have you wanted to buy quality paint for walls or furniture products and just can not swing those high priced tickets? My answer is to take advantage of the Opps paints that are available at most stores that mix paint for customers.

For example I was at my local Lowe's where they have a counter of Opps paints available. Prices vary from .50 to about 9.00 and that would be the gallon size. Saturday I picked up a charcoal color deck and cement paint with texture and I payed 9.00 and it sells on the counter for 35.00. This I will use on my porch. Not bad for a specialty paint.  In my area I have Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Walmart. If you have shopped paint you know that Ace brand paints are superior and the price proves it.

I love to hoard keep many paints on hand ,so when I visit these stores I grab what I can. Thank goodness I have a storage shed for this kind of stuff. It is well worth checking out your local stores. …

"BAKERY SIGN", from an old piece of wood

Hi there summer funners! hopefully you are enjoying your summer at one point of the day, my favorite time is the evening , I so enjoy star gazing and a tall cool drink. Soooo,  I had this piece of old wood that was one part of a retired piece of furniture . So out came my paints etc.

Homemade vintage style signs are a great way to add some time to your decorated. They can be made with any old wood you have around your home. The best part it's some crafting fun.
Is there really a Sunrise Bakery? I doubt it but it's all in good fun! So why not pull out some old wood and join me in some signage!


Hi and welcome ! Happy you could stop on in.  Ive been changing stuff up and decided to give my table set a whole new lick of paint. I swapped the farm table set for the round pedestal table that I had out in the screen room .

 I had given the chairs a little black brush here and there previously.

I had these cans of spray paint on hand so they would be perfect a country red and a very light green. Both paints are good for wood, plastic metal.

I used the green for the table and  red for the chairs.


Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Have you been enjoying your summer? Mine has been some what busy, seems like just when the yard is done its time to start over again. We have daily storms here in S.W. Florida so the rain keeps everything growing at a crazy rate and the tropical air adds to it.  So today I decided to do some kitchen tweeking, bake some blueberry muffins and sew some new kitchen curtains. This may seem like a lot of work for some but for me its "me" time and lots of fun! I picked up some new pieces of textiles from the thrift store so I decided to sew up some new kitchen curtains.
Just love plaids! how about you? Also checks as well!

I always love to have a bit of whimsy at the kitchen sink....I had this vintage wooden frame that was once the frame of a mirror, it fits perfectly around the small kitchen window that looks on to the screen room. My love of lights always holds strong couldn't help to hang a string over the window, also my teap…