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You may want to save your cans!!

Hello...welcome. I have been busy with this "junk " craft. That would mean to me something that I would normally toss in the trash but instead I decided to repurpose it and that would some large tin cans that once had tomato sauce in it.  I left them outdoors for a bit so they could start to rust. Here in SW Florida we are topping off our rainy season with tropical storms everyday. So rust is not a problem.

 Ok here is the tin can in all its ugly beauty.Hey some of us vintage rollin bloggers just love us a bit of rust!! As you can see very rusty. And that's a good thing if we are doing a vintage style project. Soon you will see where I am going with all this.... Give the can a dry painting which means leave some places without paint so you can see the rusty goodness. While that's drying you can make the can embellishments.
 I found this great product from Duck, it is contact chalkboard...just love it!! If you don't have this you can just paint a little chalkboar…

Rag wreaths, a great way to incorporate Farm house & color in your decor

Hi there.....happy you could stop in.  Been busy getting things ready for online sales. I am so pleased to say that Natalie, a young entrepreneur  has joined me in my crafting. She paints so well...she does the first coat, 2nd coat then I go and do the stenciling etc. She also knows how to make rag wreaths and garlands. When she was very young she started to paint...she joined me painting one day, we were painting the dining room and I did not realize she painted the face of a wall clock lol.

 This rag wreath we call dish has the blues that are found in the pretty vintage blue and white dishes. We Attached a small chalkboard so whom ever purchases it can state their greetings.

 A vintage style painted tin bucket with rope handles and a burlap flower.

 A green color scheme with a rose arrangement

Thanks so much for stopping in and seeing what we are crafting!

Join me as I share my crafts here,
http://w… I have a table addiction, I admit it. Come see what I did with a round dining table..

Welcome......So as you can see I admit to buying too many tables. Big, small any size, I just want to buy them and paint them pretty. Lucky I have some storage in the back shed. I am getting yelled at know it goes something like this:, "You don't need all these things!". Oh shush I say.

So anyway I had this huge round table sitting in storage so I thought Well I need a bigger coffee table, so I carried it on in and prepped her up. Got all my paints and imagination out! I mixed up some dark chalk paint using baking soda and painted the whole thing dark and added some lines with a yardstick  to make it look like pieces of wood.

Then I got the idea to make it a huge clock...we have a child here that's learning how to tell time so I did not paint on the hands of the clock ... she can draw them on with chalk for some learning fun!

The table is a good size and reachable by 2 couches and a large leather chair. I had an iron base from a bench that worked perfec…


Welcome friends! Happy you could stop by to see what the heke I'm up to now. I had this wonderful pedestal table that I decided to move into the kitchen. Its not very big without the leaf and has a great pedestal . I thought it would be a great place to do some homework have a little lunch or just sit and chat over some coffee.

This process was not took 3 paint applications. So it started like this..
I t was all white, so I painted sea green, dark green, red and yellow thick stripes, I dry brushed it on. Let that dry , then took a dark brownish grey and painted the whole thing so no colors were visible. Once all dry I took and painted the sea foam color dry brushed that on. Then I quickly took the opposite end of a small paint brush and made plank lines by using a yard stick.

So when that was completely dry the fun started lots of sanding and scrapping I wanted to get a real old effect. I just kept scrapping until enough was a enough. A coat of non shiney polyurethane…