Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Summer Wreath With Some Easy Patriotic Stars To Craft

Welcome, hope your enjoying some warm weather, weve jumped to hot and humid summer weather. Summer always reminds me of red, white and blue decor.  Just seems right to celebrate the summer.

 I had cleared my gatden and had a Lantana plant that took over the whole garden so I saved all the vine type trimmings and crafted the wreath base.
 The stars are made from brown paper and made to look like rustic wood with the help of a light strike of paint.
 All you need to craft these brown paper stars is brown sacks, a bit of hot glue, masking tape can also be used.
 You will need 5 cut pieces of paper, what ever size star you desire. You dont really have to measure, just as long as they 5 pieces are about the same size.
 Roll each piece and close it up so it stays roled.
 Simply glue the to form a star, its that easy.
 With a stiff brush just dry brush a tad of paint going from side to side.

 They should look something like this.
 I also crafted a rag bow, super simple, i just tore about 8 long strips of material
 Placed them as shown, then tied the middle,
 Super simple! And this was a total free craft for me to do.
I have loved making these stars even at christmas. Once the paint drys they become very durable. Hope you will give star making a whirl. There is so much you can do with them, I also made a star garland.

Thanks so much for stopping in today!
                 Until next time happy crafting!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A repurposed Vintage drawer Front Into a Fun Sign

Hi there, welcome!  Does anyone else relate cherries to summer? In New England growing up my mom would have a heaping bowl of red juicy cherries to snack on in the summer. So I love to incorporate Cherries in my summer decor.

I recently had to part with a vintage dresser it had exceeded its lifetime
 But before it left I managed to save a couple of drawer fronts. So I thought I would create a Cherry sign

 I just used paint ,stencils and some dark glaze

 I had some faux cherries to fill a mason jar
 I found this vintage plate at the thrift store
 Oh and that recipe thats all over the internet for knock off Starbucks Lemon loaf is so delicious! You really must give it a try
Groupings here and there throughout your home are a great way to add some fun to your decor!

     Until next time, happy creating!

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