My vintage looking $1.99 backsplash , Alluminum foil?

Well I have been absent from the blogger world for some time , reason being I'm just too darn busy reading all the other wonderful blogs and their inspiration keeps me crafting and building and getting into all kinds of creative trouble....But I have created a very vintage looking backsplash for nearly nothing. I scanned through my mind repeatedly for a unique backsplash that would not break the bank yet it had to be smashing looking. Low and behold after a thorough first take my idea was "born".

All you need for this project is Aluminum foil, a stencil of your choice, white glue, paint for highlighting, water based sealant if you choose to.A Flat surface for working, a soft cloth and plenty of patience.

hhSo, what do you think? you like the look? Now lets get started. The process is as follows: Place your stencil on a flat surface place your piece of tin foil on top of the stencil, take your very soft cloth and gently rub the foil and you will get the imprint of the stencil design . You can do as little or as much as you like I did the whole measured sheets of foil I just kept moving the stencil around, underneath this foil back slash is regular white tiles, very boring to me. Ok now you take about a quarter cup of white glue and mix it with about three quarters a cup of water. Mix well, now you just carefully paint the glue mixture on the backside of the foil and ever so gingerly attach it to the backsplash area . Now your looking and admiring this stunning application. So go ahead and get it all done be sure to use a new razor for trimming around outlets and wall ends. Once that's all done its time to take a soft paint brush and a soft rag and apply the paint so the stencil starts to pop, I used black but what ever will be fine. Kind of play with it till you get the look you want. I just brushed and patted until I reached the look I was going for. This project is probably not for beginner but with a little practice it can be done.


Good luck and have fun with it!

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