My Beautiful Accidently Decorated Wreath

Whooooo it's hot here and humid that's one of the downfalls of living in the southern most part of Florida. But if you have some sweet tea  with ice and a swimming pool at your fingertips it's ok. It Also has it's advantages, we grow some beautiful vegetables and flowers. Our oceans are like bath water this time of year and the fishing will satisfy the fussiest angler. Did you ever visit the Florida Everglades? That's where I am near , If you haven't been you should go it's amazing.

Anyway I planted a Mandevilla (a gift from my sweet daughter, granddaughter and son inlaw) about 2 years ago in my front flower bed and it was doing Okay but now its gone crazy, its  flowering vines have taken a likening to my grapevine wreath and its decorated it so beautifully. I could not have done a better job. For those who are not familiar with the Mandevilla  it a climbing beautiful flowering plant, loves sun and lots of water. Just so happens we are in are rainy season now so we have storms daily. You kind of have to stay inside  get used to it.Oh did I mention the mosquitoes they wear helmits they are so big. JK ....but all that aside it is great living here and that's a lot said from a Yankee girl. Check out the beauty....

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