You have got to see my alltime favorite roadside find and a funny story to go with it!

Ok I know that everyone sees some junk on the road side , some pick it up and some are too shy to do so . But if your a real repurposer and have a love of stuff you will slow down , stop traffic if you have to and get that something on the side of the road that has caught your attention. But never pick up curb side stuff with teenagers in the vehical. No! No! No!, they will get down on the vehicle floor screaming about how embarrassed they are. Well one day I was leaving my moms house with my teenage son and there she was standing there as if she had her draw waving me down for a ride to a nice home. Sooo I was in a mid size vehical and she was going with me one way or another. I know this is bad but I had to have my son walk back to my moms and I picked him back up after I took my new piece of furniture home. I couldn't very well leave it unattended it would definitely be gone when I returned. Wouldn't you have done the same for this? I keep this very close to my dining room table which we use daily. The cedar lined boxes where a steal from a great little shop I stumbled upon in my travels. I store all of my wine glasses and pretty not for kids glasses. The blue tone pottery bowls are from Good Will at 1.99 each. They hold my placemats etc., Also 2 little egg holders that I found at .99 each while I was thrifting hand painted from Mexico. The back wallpaper is a border that I have in my service pantry, that's what I call it it is between the living room and dining area. I'll shoot that soon and post it. One of my wooden handled hand mixer hangs with burlap on the door missing glass. The top has some tiny carvings in it and this piece is definitely handmade. If your reading this and you recongnize it at least you know that she got a good home.

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