A Tiskit A Tasket A Little Burlap Basket

Raining as usual....so getting used to rainy season. It actually rains everyday, sometimes not all day though. Have you ever needed a little gift for that someone special ? I have been putting together these adorable little burlap flower baskets. They could hang on a door or a doorknob. They are easy and very inexpensive to make. With just the cost of some burlap and some pretty foe flowers and some scraps of materials for the bow you can put this little craft together. The best part is that you can personalize the front with  "happy birthday", or "thank you" or just the gift receivers name.

This is a very simple craft, just cut a desired size square of burlap and form a cone...hot glue the cone shut . Then proceed to do any stenciling  on the front side . The next step is attaching a little handle to hand it up , I used some cording and hot glue. Now it's time to fill with desired flowers. Sometimes Walmart has bags of just the flower tops for 1.00 (it is the flowers that fall off the stems on their displays.) Those work great for this project.If you need a little filler just use some tissue paper and if you like you can spray them with some potpourii spray. Now you can craft a bow out of whatever you like and your done!