Doors galore get a new look!

It's storming like crazy here, that's an everyday thing in this part of the world , good ole rainy season. We never really know if we will lose power or not. I came up with a great solution for my ugly white doors. They are older doors with no personality so I got out my handy wood grain tool and worked some magic! A wood grainer tool can be bought at most craft stores also available at Home Depot. It's a wooden kind of round tool with a handle. It's very easy to do also very forgiving meaning anyway you slide the tool along it usually comes out good. I would recommend that you would take and practice a bit on some cardboard just so you can get the feel of the tool. This door was just plain white so I painted on some light brown paint sparingly though then I run the wood grainer vertically with a rocking motion and incorporate some straight moves as well. It's a good idea to have a couple damp rags on hand one to dab the excess paint
 off of between the wood grainer runs. Also one to wipe some drips off the floor. This brown grained door is in one of my hallways. The most important part is to remember to have light on the base like the white doors and darker on the top like the brown I used. I also used blue on one of the room doors. I hope I have given you an idea to beautify your blahzaa doors. My children are rough on white doors they are always getting scuffed up and dirty. So I hope you will give this technique a try and as always have fun with it!

A close up  I hung a rusty star to jazz it up a bit.

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