Transform plain glass sliding doors into stylish doors

I don't know about you but I have 3 sets of plain glass sliding doors  and I hated every single one of them , they are just so plain and dated. I have come up with a way to dress these uglys  up. Yes I have tried curtains and wreaths but nothing seemed to work . So I have come up with a great solution , You will need some foil tape and some black spray paint. It's very easy depending how wide you want to make your foe panes , I cut the foil tape in half` length wise so that was the size I have used . You will have to measure your sliders well to proportion the tape evenly.

After measuring and cutting your foil tape you will then bring the cut pieces outdoors and spray paint them all. I used a flat black .99 basic spray paint from Walmart. They dry fairly quickly. Once dry bring them back in and this is when the magic starts. It's real simple just peel the back off and place . This is long lasting , I have had mine up for a couple of years and have had no problems and I wash the glass allot. So for the cost of a roll of Foil tape and a can of black spray paint you can transform a dull slider into a classy slider.