Happy Saturday to you! So glad you are here. I am so excited to share what I have made from cardboard tubing that would normally be discarded. I mean the ones from paper towels, wallpaper and giftwrap. Some are stronger than others but all will work and its a great way to recycle!

I painted them into peppermint sticks with an old fashioned flair, what's great is that the swirls are already imprinted in the making of the tube so you can't go wrong making the colors just right.

 The peppermint sticks hang nicely from the shutters that I purchased from Country Door, I do love shopping there. Have you ever? I also painted my dining room this color last week.

I bought a whole bag of poinsettias, vintage plastic greens over the summer for .50 and they work perfect for this craft . Dollar tree also has many artificial Christmas flowers etc. that would be great to decorate with.

Unfortunately this would only work for indoors or in a place where it would not get snowed or rained on. I hope this will inspire you to make a little something for your door and also recycle your cardboard tubes. Thanks so much for stopping by! You can find me at any of the following linky parties, come party with us!