Hi, so glad you stopped by. Are you getting Thanksgiving anxiety yet?? I just have one word of advice and I learned from the best of the best use a LIST. A list will help you ease the tension. Make lists for your foods you will be serving, make an add on list for the groceries that you will need. Make a guest list and decide whether or not you will have a sit down or buffet dinner. I know a sit down dinner is always best but when you are having 30 plus guests that is almost impossible that's why I opt for a buffet. With a buffet you have to have several set ups , a small area for drinks, coffee that should include a good quality cups ice bucket, beverages.

The most important is the buffet table, where all the foods will be placed in my case we will set it up 3xs. One time for the first course and then the main course and last the desert table. You can set your main table up in the middle of the room where it will serve all the way around or like I will do one sided where I heighten some of the foods. Don't worry if everything does not match the people are there to eat your delicious foods. Lets take a look

I use my moms turkey platter as a decorative piece and build everything from that, As you can see the gravy pitcher is heightened , you can use anything from books to bowls, vases to heighten.

 This is the area set up on the dining room counter that has the dinner dishes, silverware napkins and the food table is just a few feet from this, I picked up the little lantern lights at Lowe's at their end of the summer sale.
A bread basket always include napkins for covering.

 Forks , knives and spoons easy to get at.

Everything should be at arms length. Candles make a great setting.

2 gravy pitchers and 2 sets of salt and pepper are best.

I am using this Taffeta material so it always looks wrinkled or crunched I might say. In the front of the table I took some cording and gathered and tied in the front for a little pizazz.

Apples carved out for a tea light make great table settings.
In the past years we did sit down in shifts , that's crazy and I would not advise it. Just keep those bowls and platters filled and everything will go smoothly. I have 3 actual eating tables set up that will accommodate everyone. They are all out in the lanai covered with table cloths and candlelight. They weather is great here in southwest Florida maybe just a sweater in the evening right now. Everyone seems to love eating out especially fireside. So don't get anxious gather your helpers and don't be afraid to ask aunt Helen to bring her famous sweet potato casserole or uncle Ben to bring a few bottles of wine , everyone wont mind bringing a little something to your feast. When the last of your guests have filled their plate go sit down and enjoy your meal and your guests.
I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! Thank you so very much for coming to my Buffet.

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