Hello there, nice of you to stop by, I am so excited to introduce you to my little snowman. Last night I was scanning the Country Sampler And I saw a cute snowman that was like 3 boxes piled on top of each other. So that inspiration prompted me to create this little guy that just melted my heart .

He stole my heart! Who ever said that we can't make snowmen in the deep south? He is complete with Earmuffs ,a scarf and twigs for arms that display his name....Frosty , how original is that. He was ever so easy to craft, he stands about 3 feet tall. I used white adhesive caulking to hold the boxes together then I caulked around the boxes to eliminate gaps. A quick spray of white paint, a nose, eyes and buttons made this little guy come to "life".


This would be a wonderful craft to do with children. So if you have a few different size boxes around don't throw them away, make a snowman! The frosty garland snowballs were made from pages from an old book and some twine and bows. Hope you will craft a little guy like this!  Thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

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