Welcome friends, so happy you could stop by. I don't know about you but I spend about 75 % of the Holidays in my kitchen creating all the magical holiday treats and eats! I was trying to come up with a more efficient way to get through the holidays so instead of fumbling threw cabinets I decided to put all the kitchen items that will be used on a daily basis on a nice stainless steel kitchen shelf.

 No more rummaging and wasting time. Even the frequently used spices fill a big bowl for easy grabbing. An extra micro /convection oven is ready for breads and pies. Dish towels at my hands along with flour ,sugar and large whisks and spoons etc...
I also decorated it with garland and some pretty blue lite snowflakes.

Everything is plugged in for easy using such as the coffee pot , can opener and mixing bowl. I really dislike all the things congesting the countertops, Now the counters are free and clear.

 For some whimsy an old trolly its on the toaster oven.

 Grammas cheese grater hangs on a hook for easy access.
 Loaf pans sit waiting to be filled with delicious cranberry and pumpkin mixes.

This set up may not be for everyone but it will be put to the test on Wednesday , that will be food prep day for pies, cakes , sweet potato casseroles, fresh cranberry sauce, doe for breads and what ever else is thrown my way. Are you cooking this Holiday? Have fun with it!