Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hi is it cold outside!  Here in southwest Florida this kind of weather is not expected by "Tourists" , They come to beach, boat, fish and see the sights but with this very cold weather I feel sorry for them.  I'm a northern girl so I know cold only too well but the true natives here in Florida have a rough time with the cold. Many will be wearing heavy coats and hats today, many will be indoors not even wanting to go outdoors at all.

As I had said in a previous post we had to replace subflooring in the bathroom and kitchen hallway. So I needed to have flooring for the  kitchen hallway. I had shopped for flooring and found a pretty dark espresso color so I got to thinking I just may be able to replicate the look myself. So with some prep work such as filling in any nook and craney and sanding I began the process....

Here is the start.

I used Rust-o-leum  espresso color.....this paint is tough and durable and leaves a smooth finish, I used a wood graining tool to achieve the wood look and a random stick was used to draw the panel lines.
I used a non sharpened pencil for the lines.

The color on the wall is gingerbread and the theme is also Gingerbread not only for Christmas but I love to collect Gingerbread items.

I also used the rust-oleum to darken the doors a bit.
I did paint a few coats of non shiny polyurethane to protect it but it feels great to walk on . If you do decide to paint a wooden subfloor good preparation is advised. I only used less than half a can of paint so this was an inexpensive floor fix and the results were great!
Thank you so much for coming by today ! Stay warm

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