Welcome friends! Out with October in with November......already, time is never on my side. That's ok I just go with the flow. I have been visiting some blogs recently that are showing long centerpiece wooden boxes and I truly love the look so........
 I got some scraps of 3/4 plywood together and built a basic box 7in. high and close to 3 ft long.
I wanted the look of birch that I love so well and see allot of in the High Camp Home online shopping.

So I gave it a full coat of brown chocolate color paint,

Then gathered the 2 important tools to pull this look off which is a wood grain rocker and this rubber texture tool. Both can be bought at any major craft retailer. I then gave the box a full coat of cream color paint once the brown was fully dried. When the cream color was still wet I took the rubber tool and moved it across the box  horizontally many time and every inch of the box, carefully wiping the excess paint from the tool as you are going along. You should get a texture and be able to see brown slightly showing through.  One all is dry it will be time to make the wood knots. With no rhyme or reason splat some dark brown circles all around , while still wet take your woodgrainer go to every splat of brown paint and move your wood grainer in a circular motion..

 I painted the inside of the box black

Here it is filled with some hydrangeas , pine cones and china. cant wait to fill it with a touch of Christmas.
 I sure am loving working with wood and creating some cool things. Loving my Jigsaw!

 I crafted a banner to go with it as well made from brown grocery bag and just a small amount of cream color paint gently swipped across here and there.

I bought this huge mirror at a thrift sale to go with this piece , it was all placed in the dining room.

Got scraps of wood around? Give it a try, This can be used in many decorating ventures or can be useful to hold dishes etc. Hope I have explained this project well as always when using power tools use  safety goggles. Girl.........get you a jig saw and make a pretty box for your table. Thanks so much for stopping in !

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