Hark The Harald Angels Sing

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' salty Air, I'm feeling some Christmas spirit how about you? Christmas  has so many celebrations first and far most the birth of Jesus.  For many it includes special times with family and friends and pets. I myself love all of it but it also includes memories of Christmas's  past mainly with my mom and dad whom have past away. My mom was a lover and collector of Angels and as I was once again cleaning bins and straightening out the back shed I found a box of Angels. They all are different and beautiful in there own way....so I started thinking what could I do to incorporate them into the Christmas décor .
 So your not going to believe this but I decided to give them a coat of white chalk paint, this way they would somehow all "sing" with each other. I felt like mom was looking down on me with a frown....hopefully not though, she knew that I could hardly never leave anything alone with out putting a touch of myself in it. Some are praying and some with open arms.
 I left some peeks of darkness to show through just a bit.
 Now they seem to sing the same hymn.
 They sit atop the fire place surrounded by greens , berries and pinecones.
"Hark the Harold Angels sing.......glory to the new born king............

 Peace on earth and mercy mild
 God and sinners reconciled. Joyful...........................

I think mom would approve

Hopefully mom is looking down with a big smile on her face . Mom is missed but her love is my heart every day . Perhaps you have some things in your home that may not be your cup of tea so maybe you can change them with some paint or material etc. Come back and join me for some more Christmas decorating all month long that will include the very cutest woodsman  thrifted Christmas tree , a winter owl , my crafted wooden box all decked out for Christmas!  Thank you so much for letting me share mom's treasured angels with you!

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