The cutest little faux vintage tree

Happy day after Thanksgiving, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. I was cooking for 2 whole days but it was well worth it just looking at everyone enjoying the food and good company it was a wonderful day except some of my children live up North so I was missing them.

Natalie and I were scanning the thrift stores for an easy set up tree for the dining room and we found this cute one piece about 31/2 ft pine tree. The box was vintge and had the name "Pam" on it. So Pam if your reading I gave this tree a very good home. We paid 4.99 for it, a great buy! I knew we wanted to go with the woodland theme so I found these plaid flannel pants that I was eager to cut and make a garland out of. So off we went home to deck this cute tree out!

This little tree is tucked in the corner of the dining room along side a vintage wooden duck and a Halloween owl turned snow owl with a lick of paint.

Red and white birds along with some white paint dipped pinecones.

I used a galvanized bucket to hold the little guy.
I ripped the sleep pants that were a mere 1.99 into strips and tied it onto some cording to create a garland.

Let it snow made last Christmas.



White lights were added to complete the look. With little money and a tad of imagination you could do a tree too, so for about 10$ including the white lights from Walmart is all it took!
See you next time for some more Christmas crafts etc....!