Hi there, whooo it's cold in Southwest Florida today! The poor Animals in the close by Everglades are going to be very cold. And I must apologize to all the vacations from the North I am sure you didn't come here for the 35-40 degree weather, BAD FLORIDA!   The beaches are out but we still have so many attractions in all parts of Florida. Look at me I am not even from these parts I'm a yankee girl. Stay warm people and be kind to your older neighbor and give them a hand shoveling even though they may be a bit grouchy.

Saturday I took along visit to Michaels' craft store. To buy and pick up a bit of inspiration. Now if you know me mostly all my craft projects are from repurposed items or very inexpesive investments, because we "compromise" and we repurpose right? A great way to go. You give things that would have been thrown away a new lease on life and you don't break the bank yah!

So as I scanned the store for some craft paints etc, I came across these cute little jar pin cushions , so darn cute and if your a sewer like me these come in handy. Wow I thought I have been saving a few jars here and there so I crafted one of these cuties! Now it's my own design and colors , thiers looked very different. Lets take a look.....

This would be a great gift for that someone who does a little sewing!  The jar was just painted and you could go with any colors that you like and then its just taking some poly fill and covering it with a pretty piece of material and glueing it securely in! So easy. I made the paint look a little aged and worn. I am going to make some more so I have some cute gifts on hand for all my friends. So don't be hasty and throw those empty jars cause you can make them more pretty than when they were fist used!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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