Hello, so nice of you to come by! I'm still scanning the house and changing everything that I really don't truly love. Like the picture above before I painted and gave it a bit of shabbiness! My coffee table was a thrift find but it is all constructed of wood and that is what I like! No press board for me, many pieces of furniture that is sold today is not made up of all wood. It's good to ask many questions when buying a new piece od furniture. This is why I love to find my pieces at thrift stores etc. , most olden pieces were crafted only of the finest woods.  My coffee table has big chunky pineapple style legs and that is the best feature about it. The middle has a place for a piece of glass to fit snuggle in the middle where at time I place photos underneath. The big problem is that the drawer in the front never worked the correct way so I just left it as a dummy drawer. I just was not happy with the whole drawer thing so I crafted a little rag curtain for that place and it seems to fit well and matches with my farm/country/vintage  Everglades feel. I call it shabby  farm/country style! The color I painted it is a hot cocoa with red time lines if you may. So If you have a good quality piece of furniture don't toss it just yet. Really look at it and see just how you could change it up by adding paint and maybe even some shabbiness! Thanks for coming by I really love the company and sharing my crafts with you!