Hi there thrift shopper! Today I just had time for one thrift store visit, so I ventured on in my local goodwill, not to big of a place but lots of treasures to be found. Just for fun I put myself on a 10 dollar budget with plates on my mind to hang on the wall. I only had 45 minutes to spend that 10 dollars so off I was.

First stop furniture, never know when you will find a great mirror , mirrors are my weakness but not just any mirror it has to be a vintage nature. Nothing too good in my price range ,don't laugh I have seen really cute pieces in there for 10 or under!

Now lets scan all the houseware isles, oh look here really good quality silk flowers! yey! Hydrangeas just what I was looking for, they cost about 7.50 a stem at the craft store and this whole bunch of reall nice flowers for 3.99, I think we will buy these for sure. Did I mention that Mr. STNSA is with us?? He minds his own business and mostly checks out the electronic department, since he found his Bose speakers are windows shatter a bit when he plays a movie on the big big screen TV. Men? You gotta love them.

Back to business , ok today is red day here which means any thing with a red price tag is going to be half price! Do they have color day at your local goodwill? Oh my look at this wooden sign, its unique with the holes drilled out on the bottom! We are definitely buying this , it has a red tag so it's priced 6.99 so it will be 3.50. Not bad! I will think up something cool to do with it.
Ok we are going to have to speed it up lets get to the dish isle!  You check over there and I'll check over here and the Mr. can scan the top shelves that I can not see a thing on , I am only 4ft 11" the world is not short people ready that's for sure. I'm looking for something light colored about 3 or four dishes that all play the same tune if you know what I mean? Great! you found them, very nice!!
The little platter with the pink ribbon form is from a gift shoppe in Rollag, Minnesota named The Blue Willow. So very pretty and a red sticker yey! so 2.99 it will be 1.50. The other 2 are .50 each and they all seem to be playing the same tune! So how much have we spent? Lets add it up!

3.99,3.50 , 1.50, .50, .50 ok we are right on budget!  Its been fun shopping with you we will have to do it again next week!  Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventure , please come back soon so I can share what I have done with all the thrift finds!