Trying To Take Care OF All The Little Eye Sores That Really Irritate Me! Such as the Shelves On My Kitchen Butcher block

Hello, so happy you have stopped by today! It is super cold here in Southwest Florida! Cold enough to leave ice on the windshield in the early AM ! Thank goodness I work here , even though I am from snow country It's better to be warmer. Everyone left with thermal clothing , gloves and Hot Chocolate in hand! Thank god for mom huh?

One thing besides the accent wall that I really didn't like is my butcher block which gets used a very lot every day! The color was painted to match the cabinets but just wanted to snaze it up a bit so I took some black chalk paint and painted the shelves, aged it up a bit with some light paint and a brittle brush. I stenciled the front to give it some character. Bakery seemed fitting at least that's what my family thinks it is. Lets take a look....

A large black glass bowl that once lived its life as a huge glass shade for a light fixture but has come back to life as a bowl painted and large enough to hold all the important gadgets of cooking such as measuring cups, spoons, funnels etc....
Baskets below hold all useful things that are used daily. Two wrought iron tomato's have hooks to hang dish towels.  A little paint can change a piece of furniture enough so you can love it again! Don't be hasty and toss it to the curb when you can make it look lovely once again! Thank you so very much for letting me share with you until next time keep warm!

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