A No Sew Valentine Placemat or Table runner!

Hi there, so happy you stopped by so I could share this super easy , super pretty no sew Valentine either can be used for placemat or a table runner. All you need is some upholstery fabric some reds pinks or whites of scraps of fabric a good pair of material scissors and that's about it. This craft would make a wonderful surprise Valentine gift for someone,

This is as a placemat. You can make these as big or as little as you like.

The reason for using the upholstery fabric is that is heavy a normal cotton will be too light. This would be a great activity for children to join in on.

As a table runner  or a placemat!

 First cut the heart to the desired size.
Make some small holes on the perimeter of the heart, careful not to make them too big, just enough to fit the ripped material through.
Take your material that will accent your heart and rip it into about 2 in. wide x about7 or 8 inch pieces. Take the 2 cut ends hold together put through the whole and make a  loop and feed through then pull not to tightly.

Thank you so much for stopping in today , hope I have inspired you to join me and get Crafty!

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