Sweet tea N' Salty Air has been out shopping You would be surprised to see what I can get for 25.00 at my favorite country store "Cracker Barrell"!

Hello there, so nice of you to stop in, I have been out shopping. Every year the day after Christmas I shop at Cracker Barrel. They have the nicest unique items there. The best part is that many items are at 70% off. I had a gift card for 25.00 so I quickly scanned the store and ended up with a huge bag full of treasures....lets take a look.

I got a huge roll of burlap for 1.25, a set of pretty jars, two of the cutest vintage looking birds, really salt and pepper shakers. I found a unique cake stand made of tin, I was thinking the birds nestled in a nest of raffia on the stand would be cute. The only thing that was not on sale is the plate, they had the cutest section of Jadeite pieces.

The jars will be cute holding some buttons or marbles.

The tin pedestal reminds me of birchwood. It is very unique. Every year when I take down all the Christmas  décor and tree I always have some new stuff on hand to spice up the rooms a bit.

It would be well worth the trip to visit your hometown Cracker Barrel, the staff there is so helpful and friendly and the homemade country food is so delicious. The wonderful attendants take your stuff as your shopping and wrap it up with tissue and by the time your done everything is ready to go!. I will be going back for some other things this weekend so all I spent was 25.10 opps I went over .10 

So have you found any day after Christmas bargains? Happy shopping, crafting or just resting! Thanks for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

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