All south west Florida Good Will Stores had a 1/2 off day, I picked up some good finds!

Hi there! Hope you are enjoying your week end I don't know if your local Good-Will thrift store was having a 1/2 off day but they were in these parts. It's a crazy day there, the lines are very long and people will run you down if your not careful. I went later in the day and I still found some really neat stuff. Lets take a look....

A very pretty wire basket for 3.00 Looks so pretty on the table and counter and can be filled with so many things.

I also picked up this very ancient crock ,It does show signs of  some wear for sure. I can only imagine what was once made in this crock. My grandmother used to make Polish pickles in a crock just the same as this. They were the best pickles ever the smell of fresh dill and garlic was present when we would lift the lid when gram wasn't looking, she would always know though... "stop opening that lid", She would yell to us. She somehow knew but they were well worth the wait especially paired up with some homemade kielbasa from my home town.

I bought these small tiger stripe pumpkins at Wal-Mart, they are so darn cute!

I think my favorite find of the day was this Pottery Barn set of dishes, 4 Super huge dinner plates and 4 huge salad plates. The dinner plates are 12 inches wide. The golden color is very pretty.

Not a bad find for 7.50 if only there was soup dishes there, but I have looked them up online at Pottery barn And they could be ordered @29.99.

This very pretty teapot from Elite, dishwasher and micro safe, I think little Natalie has graduated from the little kids set so this will be hers. She was actually with us shopping so she was excited about a big girl set. The cups and saucers are Imusa and go so very well with the Tea pot. The cups are small  cups and there is also an extra saucer for goodies. You haven't been to a tea party until you have been to Natalies. Pretty table cloths, napkins, and even signs. You really must attend some time.

I also found this very tall tin "vasin" , my home made word to match this piece. I don't know what I'll be doing with this but I certainly will give it some thought. I also bought 2 brand new Iron curtain rods and some wonderful big childrens books and all this for 30.00. So have you found any treasures this weekend? So very happy you stopped by so I could share my finds. This only makes that statement true....ya never know what your going to find.

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