Good evening friends, so glad you came to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air for a little tour. Do you know how this whole Halloween thing began? Surprisingly it has been told that All Hallows Eve evil demons could walk the earth only on this night so.....people would dress in very scarry costumes to scare the evil demons. I just don't know where the candy part started.

This vintage witch sits in the birdbath in the garden. She also has a light in it. She is my favorite Halloween decoration.

We  are ready for all the trick or treaters ,our candy bowls are filled to the brim.

Spiders have spun their webs.

Walkways are well lit to greet the Trick or treaters.

Witches brew is brewing!

Our Halloween decorated tree is lit!

A very old goodwill find, it's a wooden pumpkin that lights up .

So glad you stopped by ! Wishing you and your family A Happy All Hallows Day!