Hi there so happy you stopped by, I have been working all day on my Very large china cabinet washing the glass and all the interior décor including glasses that I will use for the many holiday gatherings to come. A very sweet neighbor gifted me the cabinet when the owner passed. He was a good little old man whom I occasionally brought to doctor appointments and gifted him with some food goodies.

The cabinet is very old and I really don't know much about the backround the only thing I know it is ancient. It takes up a good corner of the living room. It's swirled wood and rounded glass make it an exceptional piece. I did however give it a white wash which perhaps I should not have done. The cabinet is a great place to keep all my décor when not in use something like a garage but much prettier.
You can bring a lot of different things and colors together with out it looking gaudy. I find if you color coordinate it like all the blues together all the blacks etc. etc.
The swirled wood and lion face handle bring whimsy to the cabinet.
The cabinet stands about 6 ft. tall. And four shelves plenty enough room for everything.
I change the back paper out when ever I get tired of it or for holidays. The paper I put today is a Martha Stewart contact.
By taking this vase and placing it upside down it became a place to set some depression glass dishes.
My moms brassed baby shoes sit quietly amongst the glass treasures.
Black stemmed wine glasses ready to be filled.
A vase upside down over a vintage creamer along side a vintage green glass measuring cup.

Glasses and more glasses shiny and clean ready to set on the holiday tables. Getting ready for the holidays is sure a lot of work but well worth it!
Thank you so much for coming by hope you enjoyed the cabinet tour!
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