Your old lamps can be beautiful again with a little paint and jazz !

Hi there so happy you stopped by. I have been fall cleaning and redoing a few things to prepare for the busy holiday season such as curtains and window cleaning I was especially working in the red , white and blue bedroom yesterday. Washing all the windows and putting up fresh clean curtains vacuuming from top to bottom and shining all the furniture. The lamps in there leave enough to be desired. So I mixed and matched parts ,painted and added a little lamp jewelry, now I love my two lamps all over again. I did not take  before shots I guess I wasn't planning on doing the lamps over. I was going to buy 2 new, glad I didn't though.

This lamp was an ugly golden sponged base so I gave it a deep red painting and defined some areas with a gingerbread color. I found the skeleton key in the shed, I was holding on to it until I found the perfect something to do with it. So I attached it with some twine and it seemed like it was a perfect fit. The shade was just white so I gave it an old tarnished look.

The other lamp I painted dark blue and attached this little iron snowflake. I detailed some areas with the gingerbread color paint .Every year the day after Christmas I usually buy all the single ornaments such as this and I veer away from anything that is too holiday. I buy apples and bird houses etc. what ever I can use on  a craft project for 50-75 % off.

So before you toss out your tired old lamp that still shed a little light grab some paint, odds n' ends and make it new again! Thanks for stopping  by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air


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