Hello, so happy your here! I've been harvesting my most favorite gift offered by mother nature. I love everything about pinecones they are simply perfect. How can something so perfect be free for the taking?

So I began to do a little decorating with the pinecones...lets have a look

Snow cones!  Yes you heard right! By taking a covered jar filling it with the pinecones and giving them a generous sprinkling of Flour it gives the effect of snow covered pine cones. A great look for the season and a great conversation decoration, so simple just fill sprinkle and cover add a bow and some colorful lights!

I have taken a cake plate and placed it in the middle of a huge glass b owl that I made out of a light you can view that on a previous post. then filled the bottom with pinecones. These pinecones got a quick brush of white paint. Add my favorite pumpkin and place in the middle of the dining table, oh so pretty and festive!
I placed these apple bowls in the drawer of a vintage cabinet leaving it open then placed a pinecone in front of them. simply pretty!
My pinecone box is runeth over! I will have to keep picking up more , I have an array of ideas for pine cones for the upcoming season. Thank you for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!