Hi there.....so yesterday I scanned the thrift stores for a little counter lamp . I had my imagination sparked up everytime I seen a little lamp .the thrift store is a wonderful place to purchase a good quality lamp and a minimal price...usually 2$-10$. Not bad because if you purchase brand new lamps they are pricey. Besides all that I love to put a new design on them.

Always be sure the electrical wiring is in tact, most thrift stores  have a plug for testing. And now I will show you this very modern ugly to me lamp I bought.

 Oh my goodness...see all that shiny business? First off some sanding to rid of the shiny. I mixed up some light yellow that I will call bee dust. And gave it a coat  and then another. Took some grey paint and put some here and there along with red to give it an old feel.
 I found this little wooden rooster in my box of tricks so I attached it with some glue....He just looks like he lived there forever.

 And you know that shade?, it is sitting on the shelf because it is just lacking personality, for this project anyway.
 So I had this wire basket and it fit perfectly I like to call this a marriage. I had to line the inside of the basket with some light yellow checked material.

 I save all lamp parts cause a girl never knows when shell be needing this or that! Like this metal contraption I attached first before the basket ..it makes it so the material never touches the light bulb
 The lamp goes well with the new brick backsplash and farm house décor. So all in all I spent 4.99 on the lamp...had the basket and wooden rooster plus paint on hand. Need some light ? try  the thrifts and with a little imagination you will have a custom one and only lamp.

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