Happy Friday to you! Finally I have come close to the finish of my kid friendly and lots of fun living room. The theme is Lake House, such as the one that my grandparents owned in New England where the fondest of memories were made. I tried to produce a room where it says a vintage fun place on the lake where grilling had no end and swimming never stopped , penny candy filled the bowls that traveled the tables. Beach towels were always drying in the hot summer sun. Lunches were plentiful to sooth an empty stomach that was swimming since sun up.

 I used things from around the house and also used material to craft projects. Mr. Sweet Tea will no longer have an atlas Shhhhh! He has not realized it yet. I used the pages for tables runners, I also covered a lamp shade and rolled some up to place in a copper tub.
 This was an older pillow stuffed fish from Bass Pro so I gave him a coat of paint and some new eyes I may have gone to far he has gotten the name river monster.

 A floor board became a sign of my favorite swimming place about 10 of us kids would use a big tractor trailer tire tube and paddle away to blueberry Island were the blue berries grew as big as dimes. Yum!

 I used two old books painted and renamed them and tied with a raffia bow
 These fish as I showed you yesterday were made from Muslin I painted them and then gave them a coat of sealer to stiffen them up a bit. I used buttons for the eyes.
I made a lifesaver from scraps of material and a round hoop from a broken lampshade. I crafted the swim sign from a store bought sign. I used an old shutter and placed white lights behind it. I also used my Madeline tin because of the shell shape. Madeline's are a scrumptious tea cake.
I used some map pieces on the wall with a fishing net, a decorated beach hat , an ice sign that I crafted and of course cokes!
This is a grouping of a paddle boat sign crafted from a floor board, A lake house sign made from a scrap of wood and an old photo garland  of vintage beach pictures.
A lake Side garland made from an old tea shirt, yep mr Sweet Tea's, he doesn't know that yet either.
I had these two beachey looking baskets stored away they seem to match well.
The coffee table is jammed with fun stuff such as a mini chalkboard, a lantern, maps, coasters and......
Of course a scrabble game as we always entertained ourselves with board games after a long day of swimming, I'm trying to bring that back around here.
I found this materiel in my stash so a made a few pillow covers.
I covered the shade with map pages then painted it over with a white glue solution. You may see some wrinkles seeing that it is not fully dry. I took a large bright yellow rope and made some sea knots and draped it over it for some fun!

I even had some bright white cape code curtains as my gram had but I hung them a little different than she did I used curtain clips And did some fancy bunching on the top.

I hung some fish on the vintage ladder and placed a glass fish dish and an old tin on the steps.

Everything for  great summer fun! Thanks for coming out to the "Lake" today! Bye for now..... ItsOverflowing

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