Hi and welcome!!   What do you choose at your grocer? Do they even offer either plastic or paper? Here  Publix does and the other evening when we were picking up a few last minute Thanksgiving items I quickly chose paper for crafting.  I was searching for some tiny trees online and in our local stores but really could not find any that I liked so I took out my grocer bags .......

The first step is to cut the bottom out, then cut down the side so you have one big piece of brown paper. What I did was just cut out one side of the bag and proceeded to make a big cone. You have to just play with it for a bit until a cone shape forms then I used hot glue and just glued the seam. now you will trim the bottom so the cone shape stands up. Then with the rest of the bag construct 2 more cones medium and small.

Now time to begin cut strips from another bag about3 or 4 inches wide then proceed to make cuts such as this taking care not to cut all the way though. .  Then starting from the bottom glue the pieces of cut paper until you reach the top probably 6 rows or so .This is what they should look like. You want to hold them upside down and fluff the paper so it pops out instead of staying flat. I used some red paper ribbon for the bow tops. I gave them a few dabs of white paint and then a sprinkle of white glitter. I had some scraps of plaid flannel so I tore some strips for the garland. Once they were complete I set them on a tray withsome tealights and the cutest lil snowman ever!

Not bad for a completely free craft .

 I call these trees shabby country style.


Hope you will give this craft a try its amazing how a plain brown bag could turn into a cute festive Christmas décor!
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