Holiday Mango Harvest recipes to add to your celebration!

Welcome happy you stopped on in. Today we are having a little pre holiday celebration. Fireworks, a delicious dinner that includes Mango. The sweetest fruit ever, if you have never had the pleasure of eating a Mango you really must. Our neighbors tree is plentiful and we got the ok to harvest. Tonight's menu consists of Pork lion smothered with  my Mango Chutney , spiced rice and cold 3 bean salad. I have been making Mango smoothies everyday, the children and adults love them.

Cut up mangos
lots of ice
1/2 & 1/2
and a bit of sweetener of your choice
A good glass blender or juice machine

Blend well , this is one great smoothie!  We even made them to go with dinner

So I had a huge pork lion roast that I cut into steaks I spiced them well with a good sprinkle of Evoo.
Meanwhile I cooked just a huge bit of white rice and prepared the bean salad. I continued to make a Mango chutney, I used a sauté pan first adding some evoo, I quickly cut up 2 large mangos into small pieces, added some chopped green onions, some kosher salt, brown sugar and just a pinch of cinnamon . I just cooked it until all the flavors were mended about 8 min or so. After the grilled meat was plated I topped it off with the delicious mango . I was not sure how the family was going to react but even the fussiest was enjoying it. It was a wonderful pre holiday dinner that included fireworks as well.

 This plump fruit reminds me of the texture of a peach the pit is much larger.
 The mango complimented the rice as well, seems as though each flavor played in perfect harmony.

I do believe the smoothie can be turned into an adult beverage with a tiny bit of imagination.

 I was so lucky to receive the framed mirror shelf from my daughters boyfriend, he found this treasure at our new local Hobby lobby on clearance reg, 64$ on sale for 13$ where the stars are hung are coat rack hooks but I thought I would decorate it for the Holiday.

Now the house is still , the comfy chair is empty everyone has gone to sleep to get ready for the next Independence day celebrations that go for 3 days! Hope you enjoy your Holiday with your family and friends.

                                                             Happy Independence day!

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