Why not revive a favorite tired looking piece of furniture with some paint & imagination!

Welcome, happy you could stop on in today. We are in the tropical rainy season so everyday with out fail we have a storm or two or three!  Can't plan much around outdoors these days so I am doing all the indoor spiffing up . I have opened the Country Elf shop , so items can be bought directly from this site via PayPal. I will be specializing in Farmhouse shabby sheik / country curtains. To take a peek just click on the shop located near the top of my page.

So I have these 2 wooden stools that just were looking so dingy and worn out, needing a little makeover. The stools are utilized a great deal one is a little shorter so they can accommodate any body. They are sat in at lunch, breakfast and in between for homework art projects etc.

Tired and no personality , don't you agree?

So I used Rust-oleum  Painters Choice in satin black and once the paint and stenciling was completely dry I did a coat of Rust-oleum white colored wood stain, using a cloth and rubbing it on very sparingly.

 A welcoming seat !
 I just didn't want to stop there I decided to add a rag garland to go around just for some fun!

Lots of sanding......I know that this shabby style isn't for everyone but the kids are lovin it. So why not take on that piece of furniture that's looking a bit tired and give it a lick of paint and some imagination!

Today we will be making some Freezer jam with all of our very ripe Mangos!
 A  very nice blogging sister ; Connie shared her Sure Jell idea on a previous post , You really should visit her over at the   Crafty Home Cottage where she shares some wonderful crafts ! Wish me luck on this freezer Jam because Mango is not an option on the directions but I figure that Mango has the same consistency as peaches so I will give it a whirl!
                                                                  Have a lovely Afternoon!

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