Decorate your walkway with some fun flower pots made from what other than "Cans" for about 5$

Hi there happy you could stop in today!  If you have been visiting here you would know that I always say to save those big cans that perhaps fruit or tomato sauce come in . I have done several "can crafts",  This is some links to other fun can projects:                 Today I am going to share my walkway post planters otherwise known as Painted and decorated huge cans.

 First things first......I was going for the old copper look So I used some bus golden yellow.....once that was dried I dry brushed some deep cranberry color.... once dried I patted on some watery greenish blue to get this effect.
 Important ......If you are hanging these to a wood surface You will need to take a rather pointy screw driver and a hammer and make a hole. The best way to do this is by using a piece of board such as this.

Also important drainage holes or your plants roots will rot away. Make enough so the water can drain easily.
 And here you have it so the can was free, paint I had on hand ribbon also on hand so I used one bag of garden soil that was on sale at Walmart for about 2$ and the plants were at Home Depot for about a 1$ each so.........................for about 5 $ I have brightened up the walkway!

 Seeing as there were 3 posts I decided to number them..

The best part about this craft is you can decorate these however you like !


 A just for fun photo The screen porch door has a lacey curtain on it
I also wanted to share this Goodwill find from Saturday, I believe it is Yellow Ware it has a 14 stamped on it and also oven ware stamped on it. and it is super heavy, I am loving it!

So save your cans so you can easily craft some fun projects for practically nothing!                                             

                                                   Until Next time ....Happy Crafting!

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