Its Summer craft time.... old paint can lids, scraps of material, paint= A pretty wreath!

Hi happy you could stop on in ! One thing that I never throw away is lids , they are slim and easy to stow away without taking up a lot of space. I am constantly getting wire because Mr. STNSA gets the scraps at work and brings them to me. I had a really nice piece of copper wire that I shaped into a wreath.
I also had some quart size paint lids that I have been saving as well so this is what I did.....

First a coat of paint I choose a dark barn red.....

 Rip up some strips of material about 2 or so inches wide, I did 3 quart size lids and used about 8 strips of torn material.
 Using a glue gun I started to make the petals with the material stripsjust looping all the way around the underside of the lid. Any type of material can be used .
 And here you have it a shabby wreath that I paid nothing for. If you have some grapevine wreaths needing décor this would be it!
 A great way to use up scraps of material and paint lids.....I suppose you can use any kind of lid with this craft.
 I speckled some white paint as well
A great craft to do with friends on a summer day, so get your wreaths together and scraps of material, paints and have a summer craft party! If you are a fan of Hometalk I have a board that has many lid craft projects that you may also be interested in.

                                                                Have fun....Lisa

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