Northen Girl is making delicious southern style sweet tea with a twist!

Hi Yall, I should say today. The Northern girl I am just cant get used to that word but I will admit it is welcoming! Its a greeting that says welcome , sit for a spell , would you like a cold tea ? Today I want to share how I do Sweet Tea !

Whether you are a Green tea drinker or a black tea drinker it does not matter. Tea can be so flexible so to speak and you can flavor tea as you like. Green Tea has a numerous amount of health benefits as apposed to black tea.
 So the first step is I take a regular pan and fill it with cold water I would say its a quart pan I use now here is the trick we don't want this water to boil so you have to shut it down before....... Once the water is just about to boil shut it off remove from the heat and throw your teabags on in I use 6 depending if you like it light or dark.So while that's going on lets take a trip to the front garden......Flowers are really starting to take off due to the rainy season starting.......
 Impatience  big big big!    Now what we are looking for it mint, wonderful mint.
 Here it is next to the Pentas, green and ready for picking cause we are going to need this for out sweet tea!
 Mint can really take the garden over so you have to tame it by keeping it well picked.
So we are going to use my Pestle and Mortar  today take a good chunk of lemon with a good amount of skin and a sprig of Mint don't take the leaves apart and there is a reason for that , you don't want little pieces of leaves in there. About 1/2 cup of sugar to the lemon and mint and just gently work  the ingredients so to speak. If you don't have one you can use the underside of a spoon perhaps.

The reason for this is that all 3 flavors will be brought to life when the mint leaves are worked and the lemon peel along with the sugar the small is delightful!

 Once you have it good and married go ahead and add to your pitcher. Now put your  cooled tea on in the pitcher and add more sugar while its still warm or room temp. Once  the sugar is dissolved add your ice. Get your glasses ready and enjoy!

Tea spoons are much longer than a regular spoon so they reach past the size of the glass.

 Today Ill share with some friends that have stopped on by to chat a bit.

We made some red velvet cupcakes for out afternoon tea ....fabulously yummy!
Sweet tea may seem complicated but  once you make it a couple of times it will become easy. This recipe may not be for everyone  but give it a try you just might make it your favorite choice of teas!
Thank so much for stopping by !

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