Celebrate Summer With The Kiddies Cause It Will Be Gone Before You Know it!

Hi there! Summer is in full swing and the natives are getting restless! We have a couple of little ones here and a teen and an almost 21er. So we have the best of all worlds. It does not take a lot to make some fun, using the resources on hand could lend some happy children,

Like an afternoon of Story books as the thunder and rain cancel outdoor play.

Just a simple wading pool can conjure some cool pool fun!

Homemade playdoe is always a hit !

Fresh native Florida corn at lunch .....yummy!
A simple cardboard box with some cut out windows can keep the little ones occupied for a long time!
A Summer birthday is a hit with a cupcake tower, the cup cakes are candy stricken with jelly beans and ice-cream flavored lollipops

Kids love to bake cookies, our favorite is the Swigger sugar cookies. With all of our daily tropical storms we do spend allot of time indoors.
A typical stormy sky, and we see that nearly everyday

So this is our makeshift kiddie campsite......Just a 6 ft ladder covered with an old green duvet cover. Inside soft cushions to sit on.

A couple of bodies of water....a teaset and odds n' ends

Mud of course

This campsite has made for hours of summertime fun, especially when lunch is served on the mini table. The only bad part is when we have stop playing for the day.

One plus for the grownups is we can see the campsite from the screened in porch. Another great idea is doing construction paper projects there are many ideas online and the dollar store carries papers, glues, stickers, crayons and markers. So there you have it lots of summer fun for little or no money!
Enjoy your summer!

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