whoooa! Hate to use that word s*** but the old fireplace is looking just that! We all seen her black, key West Green, white, red and now Se** grey, with "50 Shades Of Grey In Mind", So happy you could come check out my latest painted piece. The mantle is decorated with white  ceramics and a garland of white lights and white rag garland.

 The large vintage mirror was painted to match.
 Wondering what color this is?  It's from the Opps counter so I have named it "50plus Shades Of Grey".

 I did not sand but distressed with some white paint along the edges and here and there.

 We don't need a Holiday to brighten rooms with strings of lights


The grey is dark but it pops against the light colored walls. Greys come in so many different shades , I was not to hot on grey but now that I have tried it, I love it! I even did something in my kitchen a grey shade so come on back to check it out on my next post! Come join me for some inspiration at the following Linky Parties!
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