Hi there, remember the kitchen entertainment center that I recently painted white......I decided to add my vintage shelf, I just had to move some of the storage shelves from top to the bottom. Its like a little mini kitchen in a kitchen. And Im the only one that dares go there. Take a look....

I love that I can just grab my pitchers quickly we use allot of pitchers, iced coffee, O.J., Sweet Tea etc...
I added 2 rag wreaths to the inside of each door.
Added some of my favorites, a Vaseline glass measuring cup filled with fresh mint for tea.
The best part is when I want just close the doors!
Love green glassware and blue and red, love it all that's my weakness.
The bottom is great storage for everything, those doors stay shut.
These are waiting to get planted, maybe today!

I call adding one piece of furniture to another a marriage and I have plenty of those here! I have taken apart baking racks, bureaus etc. So don't toss anything to the curb have a good dry storage place to store your treasures, then when you want them you have them. Come join me for my next post MY CRAZY GARDEN STARTED WITHOUT ME!