A REAL LOVE STORY HAS NO ENDING.........Valentines , a day to celebrate LOVE!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air's Valentine! Grab a freshly baked "Welcome Home " sugar cookie made by our little Natalie. The recipe is on the back of the Domino sugar back and has become our favorite sugar cookie recipe.
This is a cute little vintage apron that I bought especially for our baker in training. The cookies are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside very delicious. This pretty cup and saucer belonged to my mom. Handpainted roses and a gold trim.

I used another vintage apron for a fireplace bunting, love the scalloped edging and the cute strawberry. I never intended to use as a bunting but it works well.
I used some old coke bottles and placed an Amaryllis flower in each. The chalk blocks I had shown a previous post, but for Valentines I cut out some pink hearts and attached them.
This black and white coloring takes me back in time ..........love black and white.
Just a simple rolling of the apron and a bunting it became.
Cherries and more cherries!
I crafted this table runner from a roll of red burlap off the 90% table at Tuesday Morning. I simply hot glued the edges and attached a burlap bow on both ends.
A simple vase that I fit a sweater sleeve onto. I just surrounded it with my favorite red wooden handled vintage finds.

The chalkboard blocks are very useful.
We decorated a little tree with some more Christmas clearance items that are Valentine fitting such as the cute cupcakes and pink sparkle owls.
How will you spend your Valentines Day? What ever you may do have fun!
Come join in on the fun!

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