Hi there, happy you could stop in! Hope you are keeping warm I see that the North is having some frigid temperatures. I do miss that but the idea of being indoors frightens me. Love going out to the gardens and fiddling around. I have not had fun removing that terrible wallpaper. The wall are all wooden panel and painted they lend a bit of cottage style. Here is where I left off last post...
This room is a master suite shower room, the sink and toilet are in a separate room. And this is the after....
I used a Cream Of Cocoa color and for some added fun I painted a white worn border with words stenciled such as Shower, towels, soap, hot water all for .25....of course my son asked if he really has to pay, silly!

This is a handy piece of furniture it stores extra towels , soaps etc. in the bottom cabinet.

 An old bicycle basket hangs on the glass door bar. Some one is waiting for me to turn on the shower....or not.
The window is small and rather boring it is also frosted so I placed an old shutter in front, I had some left over textiles from the porch so I crafted a little curtain.

The painted on border travels through all the walls.


An old wire basket holds bars of soap.

There is also a towel bar way up hi so instead of taking it down I added a little ruffle and a mirror which makes the room look much larger as it bounces light off.
I found this cute mirror Saturday at the thrift store.

During the day little peeks of light shine through, we don't get much light from that side of the house due to the hurricane shutters.

.25 that's a bargain right, towels, soap and hot water not to mention a ceiling heat lamp!

 I through in a little Wash behind your ears sign! So happy to share this with you. I used blue painters tape for the border and it was super easy. I am working on some others projects to share later .....see you then.31 Days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly  Party Time!! come join me won't you?