Removing wallpaper; a terrible job! but I have an easy solution.

welcome to this terrible no good day! I say that because today will be spent removing wallpaper from one of our bathrooms, yikes I hate that job so very much! But not to worry after many experiments and costly removers that really did not work I have a solution .....just a bit of Dawn dish soap and A good reliable spray bottle and hot water you will be in business. Simply fill the bottle up with very warm water add a squirt of Dawn and just spray on the paper and scrap off with a scraper. My paper happens to be vinyl coated so I have to peel that vinyl off first then just saturate the paper left on and it will peel away very easy.

My my my.......I have my work cut out for me today! But that's ok , Tomorrow will bring clear walls ready for some new paint and décor. This room is just a shower . Please come back next post and I will reveal just what I did in that shower room! Thanks so much for visiting