Before you kick your tired old sofas to the curb try this little trick to put some life back into your sofa!

Hi there to everyone, so glad you stopped by! I am such a great fan of the Country Door catalog. I secretly placed an order with them , I can't wait and when my package arrives Ill give you a peek at it. But seeing that I spent my said amount I couldn't buy the wonderful couch covers featured in the new Fall Catalogue. I studied them for a long while and the it dawned on me what the whole problem with couch covers that I was having. See I have about 6 doubles of couch covers, seeing that I have two full couches in the living room. Reason being many times we have more than 8 or 9 sitting in there at a time. Ok so back to the problem , it's the bottom part of the covers that I don't like. Seeing that the Country doors couch covers had these terrific ruffle going on makes them so gorgeous, so I fixed all that. I had bought a whole roll of material for about 1.99 a while back, I always buy textiles when I see them cause ya never know when your going to need a good bolt of material. So I measured around the whole bottom of the couches then I cut enough for it to be doubled. You can hem the bottom or not you can use material adhesive for a hem as well. I started in the front center and nailed that in with an upholstery tack. then I just started to gather and hammer. There should be wood where the sofa cushion area starts. Everything just fell into place . Just keep the material even at the very bottom so frequent checking is good so you don't get off track. Check it out....

The material I used is a heavy upholstery material and it is a natural color . Here you see the added bottom ruffle. A country door couch cover I purchased many years ago and a twin size throw to add texture and color and also heaviness.

You can see here that the bottom just hangs there , That's the same for  most covers. I think that the ruffles will go with any décor. Its an inexpesive fix for a covered couch. You could also use a good spaple gun to hold the mataial in place.
See It's gathering and nailing or spapleing into the wood under the seat cousions. Give it a try! Its very easy and has a huge impact on th ecouch. Just tuck every thing up. Give it a try! good luck

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