Good day everyone, the air is thick and the scent of witches dark spells are the setting for the annual witch luncheon. Have a seat if you dare! Webs are being spun, the special witches brew is brewing and spiders are lurking along with some other creepy guests.......

I finally received my Spooky Halloween dishes from Country Door and I am so happy with them ! Today the witches will be the first to dine with them .

The crystal is waiting to be filled with a bloody glass of wine.

Spiders with fur will scan the tables before they are used for a potion!

I took an old wine bottle , painted and distressed it and tied a little raffia on it.

A pickle jar was turned into a mummy using white torn sheet material and some light brown paint. Add eyes and you have a cute recycled decoration.

For a mere 20.00 these dishes are well worth it I'm sure every witch will agree.

This table and chairs is in our lodge/ screened in Lanai. A well lived place where you can relax on the sofa and chairs and enjoy a cool drink  or enjoy dinner by candlelight or even watch a movie at midnight seeing it also has TV. The water is just across the street for some boating and fishing no swimming though way too many big gators for that. The laundry room is actually off of the lanai and it has a fridge and a sink with running water so the teens here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air take full advantage of this room. It is not uncommon to see a big stash of fishing poles leaning in the corners of the room. It's quite large and serves as extra dining on the holidays. The table seats 6 , last thanks giving the air was cool and many diners sat around this table enjoying the food and candlelight.

The witches will be sure not to miss any important calls!

These cute little string of ghosts are strung from one chair to another , that was a $ store find.
You can use some spider webbing also from the $ store to create some realistic  smoking look. The spiders are also $ store.
Scary hands attached to the plate stand will creep out all the guests.
Doing a table scape for Halloween is so much fun, I have to tell you a really funny story... A few years ago when I came back to Florida my daughter and I decided we would do a spooky table out in the covered porch for Halloween so we started early in the day it looked really cool . We wanted to put some realistic tone to it so we took strawberry syrup the kind you can mix with milk and did all the rims of the glasses to look like real blood . So when we done e went in to eat lunch. When we came back out about an hour later the whole table setting was covered with bees .. we laughed so hard but we finally got rid of them before the trick or treaters came.
It has been fun today and thank you for coming to lunch  so now I'll hop on my broom and go thrifting! bye bye Stop on by The DIY Showoff for some great inspirational ideas!

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