A 1934 Suitcase That Will Warm Your Heart!

As I was driving down the road I noticed a small but quaint yardsale, so of course I had to turn around and take a visit.....this is the very best find ever. A 1934 sturdy and beautiful suitcase but that's not all when I opened it up it was lined with a beautiful vintage material and even better a sticker inside most of it peeled off but I could get enough information that at one time this was a boys suitcase and he went to the Calum Camp. How exciting I thought, this suitcase was actually telling me a story unlike most pieces I buy they just sit and look pretty. The sticker read the directors name: R.C. Callard and their was also a list of what items the camper should bring such as:1 woolen blanket
2 pair bathing trunks, rain hat,rubber coat, mess kit, 1 blouse, bathrobe, handkerchiefs and that's about all I could make out the rest was torn away.
I was disappointed that I could not see the location but I will investigate some more on the camp. This material is stunning and is in ok condition. The suitcase is a golden worn chippy color. I decided that I was not going to paint it but I decide to do a little stenciling The camp name seemed fitting along with an established date being 1934. I just cant imagine what camp was like in 1934 but my mind began to wander that this suitcase indeed tells a beautiful story. Camp for me was on an Island up north and tons of fun including swimming, compititions, scary night time stories around the camp fire, blueberry picking and so much more. Probably the one of the best times of my life. So this young boy is about 69 years old right now if he attended at about age 10. I will always keep this piece close to my heart You kind of get an overwhelming feeling when you examine it in a good way though. It sure brings allot of questions to mind  such as is this boy still alive today? What was camp Calum like?, and of course where was the camp. I paid 3.50 for it. So her it is

The suitcase did not have a handle so I used some strong cording and used some black ribbon and made a shabby tie handle.

I can either decorate with the suitcase standing up such as this.
Or I can use it opened up to display some of my favs.

It's so funny when I read the list to my 12 year old he was so silly especially the blouse and rubber coat. Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea' N Salty Air

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