Sweet Tea N' Salty Air is celebrating with a givaway! Wishes Won't Wash Dishes is the theme

Just to show my appreciation Sweet Tea n' Salty Air is having an old fashion pull the name out of the hat give a way! I made a little something something for the occasion. Theme of the giveaway is Wishes won't wash dishes. The first item is a wishey washey , it's a crocheted dish washer made from 100% cotton , Peaches and Cream yarn my very favorite . The yarn absorbs dish soap so well and kind of makes washing dishes a breeze.
After crocheting the cloth I took a regular can that chicken came in and some material cut to the outer size of the can. Mix 2 parts white glue and 1 part water; brush on the can and then place material on the can and then brush over the material as well. When the material dry's it becomes stiff and I just added some twine and a little lace to complete the dish rag holder.
And here you have the Dish rag and holder. I also made a little sign to complete the theme.
I used plastic bottle tops as bubbles to make this vintage looking sign.
So sorry I can't tell you how I crocheted this dish cloth, I just kind of do my own thing , this girl can't follow directions crocheting to save  my life. My great gram showed me how and after that I made up my own stuff . I did a pretty throw last Christmas for my aunt Patty in Conn.

All you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know what  is your favorite decorating style or what you have recycled recently and turned it into something grand. Next Thursday my little Natalie will pull the winning name from the hat. Good luck and thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Don't forget to stop by and check the winner next Thursday! This giveaway is solely sponsored by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.PLEASE LEAVE ALL COMMENTS ON THE FOLLOWING EMAIL-lisaconforto@yahoo.com

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