A SNOWFLAKE CLINIC.....a fun family craft for everyone!!!

Hello there......looking for a wonderful inexpensive Holiday Craft??  I have just the thing to gather the whole family around the table, serve a little hot cocoa and some cookies and it's a party! This is all you will need to get this party started......

Some basic white paper, scissors, glitter and some glue. The glue you will want to paint the finished snowflakes with but we did add a little water to it. I am so a magazine saver, this is an old one "Martha Stewart Kids", If you follow the numbered steps and besure to get a good fold the results areendless.


It is true no two snowflakes are a like! Once you get a "shovel" full its time to bring them to the glitter box, just a shallow box to sprinkle glitter, before that just a couple brushes of glue which we did in a different box then the glitter. 

 This is just one cut but once you follow steps 1-5 you can make your own cuts !

 Little miss smarty pants which is my oldest daughter decided to show off with her fancy flake of snowmen! But she says she has no crafting ability.......yey sure
But they truly are lovely! Hope you will be running a Snowflake clinic in your home ...its a great way to bring the family together for the winter holiday season!

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