Welcome everyone! It's finally Christmas here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, a time for  rejoice, and happiness to share with family and friends! Traditions are also kept such as here every Christmas morning I make homemade cinnamon buns a sweet doe recipe from my late gram. Well what are you waiting for come on in!


 Made this from tops from plastic containers .....

 I so snuck on over to my neighbors and took this picture of his Poinsettia, he so has a green thumb and a kind heart, he shares some cuts and plants with us, bless his heart!

 I crafted this tree from a scrap of wood and the star is made from some shims

 This is the secrete lil cabinet filled with a collection of Santas

 My favorite is the Fenton Santa on the right

This year we went with a white tree and the lodge theme, seems fitting seeing that we are a stones throw from the everglades, and Bears roam our yard.

I think my favorite part of the tree is hanging on all the childrens picture ornaments, my Son Tim a very long time ago

 These Santa lights play music and the children love pushing the button to make them work

 These tree bags will be filled up with sand and then a candle  and they will eliminate the walkways.

 This sweet little cabinet was given to us by my mom, every day a door is open and an ornament is taken out along with a prize of candy

I recently found a small cedar box that was filled with my great grama sue who would be well into her hundreds now!  The box had a scent of her perfume that she wore, she had some button collection, all are vintage and very pretty.  I set them in a galvanized tray around the Christmas lantern. Grama Sue is such a sweet memory, just as my Dad and mom and all my grandmothers who have now past

 This lovely table runner is from Pottery Barn all embroidered

Love the Snowmen...given to me by my daughter in law

 This little ice fisherman is so special to me when my middle son Nicholas was about 8 or so he went to the store and bought me this so I love to display it every Christmas!

It has been so nice having you by! I wish everyone a special joyous safe Holiday!!