Welcome ! Have you been enjoying your favorite thrift finds? I know some prefer ordering from catalogues which is fine as well but perhaps once you see my table today you will be inspired to thumb through your local thrift stores because you never know what you will find. Ok so I am addicted to scanning the stores that means all stores but with in my means. This last trip was at our local goodwill store and they where hosting a 1/2 off sale which they do about 10 times a year. So take a look at what I was able to put together from thrift store and a Michaels craft Black Friday deal.

Well come on in! We just love guests,  This is how I can account for my 7.00.....as you can see my little cocoa thinks that food will be served here directly, sorry cocoa too early for that now.

 The greenery in the middle was a 2.00 doorbuster on Black Friday. The sign was one I crafted previously the cute little fluted tins set of 12 were .99, pinecone free, the bulbs were some vintage ones left to me from my dear mom.
 The dishes were 7.00 but since it was 1/2 it was 3.50 for the set of six, love the imprint of the pine cones and pine . They have a vintage feel to them. I just placed some strings of green and red paper raffia about for fun.

The tablecloth is made by the Ecro Co. for France according to the label and was 1.50, I think it may be my favorite find!

For some whimsy I put the glasses unside down and crowned them with a candle /tin. I had the tea lights napkins and golden ware. As you can see I have opted for a white tree this year which I will share in my Christmas Country Tour.

As you can see with a wee bit of imagination and a small pocketbook you can create a wonderful seasonal table...so tell me now have I inspired you to shop for treasures?
Have fun !
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