Pioneer Woman dishes and Sunday cold weather Dinner to fill them up!

Welcome friends! Happy you could stop on in today!     Today I want to share a little something to serve on family Sunday dinner. I have been spying those Pioneer Dishes for a very long time, you know how that goes, you really don't need them but you really want them. Well I was gifted them from Mr STNSA , an early Christmas gift he says. Who am I to argue with that!

Love the caramel color and the frilly edges. The dishes do come in many colors but since I love to repaint I thought this would be accommodating to any color. 

Now to make a little something to fill these pretty dishes with.....

This is simply a pork roast circled with red potatoes and sweet potatoes and cut up onion

 I spice allot, with Adoba, garlic,steak seasoning, worstershire, green onions from the garden and a generous splash of  extra virgin olive oil.  Just coat it with spice cover and put in a 350 oven.
This meal will surly get the family around the table. If you are a Sweet Potato lover this is for you! Pork should be cooked for about 20 minutes per min. or if you are using a meat thermometer cook until 160 degrees. This dish marries well  with  some applesauce, a garden salad and don't forget some dinner rolls.